We offer very high quality mixing and mastering services at a very competitive price.  Each project we work on gets treated exactly as if it were one of our own.  In addition, we also do radio edits of songs containing explicit or offensive material.  Even if your songs are already mixed and/or mastered, we can take the stereo track and cleanly remove all profanity and other explicit content.

Everything is done right inside of the latest Avid Pro Tools 12 software using a variety some of the most top of the line plugins on the market for all of your processing and effects needs.  We offer single song services as well as full project/album/mixtape package deals.  We can make your project flow through seamlessly with no gaps between songs; or we can provide a nice fade out with a small space between songs.  For prices and packages, see below.  

If you'd like to hear some of our work, please refer to the tracks added to the player at the bottom of this page.


Mixing prices (based on the amount of Audio Tracks in your session):
Single Songs:
$125 (up to 10 Tracks)
$200 (up to 20 Tracks) 
$275 (up to 40 Tracks) 
$350 (up to 60 Tracks)

3 Song Package (Save 10%):
$339 (up to 10 Tracks) = $113 per song
$540 (up to 20 Tracks) = $180 per song
$744 (up to 40 Tracks) = $248 per song
$945 (up to 60 Tracks) = $315 per song

5 Song Package (Save 15%):
$531 (up to 10 Tracks) = $106 per song
$850 (up to 20 Tracks) = $170 per song
$1169 (up to 40 Tracks) = $234 per song
$1490 (up to 60 Tracks) = $298 per song

*Skits - Depending on what you want done to your skits, pricing may be less than the price of a full track. Contact for specifics.

Single Song - $45 ($35 per song if mixed by us)
5 or more Songs  - $40 per song ($30 per song if mixed by us)

*Mastering will include a version of your track in one of the major listening formats (CD, iTunes, Streaming, Soundcloud, etc.)

Radio Edits:
Single Song - $50
5 or more Songs - $40 per song

DJ Scratches/Cuts:
$75 per song if you need us to choose scratch material
$50 per song if you already know what material you want scratched into your track


Sending us your songs:
To get your songs to us, you have a couple of options.  If your songs were done in Pro Tools (version does not matter), you can send us the complete session for each song.  We can give explicit instructions on what you need to send if you need help.  

The other option is to send us all of the Wav files for each song.  For best representation of your song, please make sure all the files line up at the same starting point before you send them.  We cannot guarantee accurate representation of your song if we have to manually line up the files ourselves, since we do not know how it originally sounded.  Also, for best possible mix, PLEASE make sure ALL of your vocal takes are on SEPARATE tracks/files.  For example, please do not send two adlib takes in one audio file.  Lastly, make sure your files are Wav files, not MP3 or any other lossy format.  Otherwise, we cannot guarantee star quality.  

For mastering, you can send your Pro Tools sessions, mono/stereo Wav/Stem files.  
Again, for best quality, try to avoid sending MP3's.

For security purposes, a 50% deposit must be made prior to the us starting the mixing/mastering process for any projects.


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