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CERTIFIED FIRE: Poundaproblem - Instrumental Vol. 3 

My bro Poundaproblem is back with the third installment of his beat tape series.  This album is incredible and is sure to spark inspiration in both MC's and beatmakers.  With crystal clear sound quality and great attention to detail on sample and drum selection, everyone will surely see the genius behind this masterpiece.  Check it out!  Free download below!

CERTIFIED FIRE: L'ament feat Nom Xtra - "Un Dia" (Produced by  

Dope track by two of Groundwurk Ent's MC's, L'ament and Nom Xtra!  L spits his signature bilingual (Spanish & English), tongue twisting bars, while Nom kicks his classic, witty punchlines with a mastered street flow.  The beat, produced by, was featured on the Symphony Sounds Vol 1 beat mixtape in 2010.  When L heard the beat, he immediately got Nom on the horn to link up for the collab.  Ironically, Nom couldn't fuck with the beat at first.  But after giving it another listen, along with some persuasion from L'ament, Nom wrote the bars right on the spot.  The outcome is classic Hiphop.  Photos by Poundaproblem.  Follow @therealLament @nomxtra @poundaproblem.


Who is SteadyFam?  Easalio and Ace are two of the BEST MC's I have heard in a LONG TIME.   Repping Richmond Virginia, together Ace and Ease paint some really vivid pictures of their lives and experiences over some hard hitting, eargasm-giving canvases layed out by producer V'Don out of Harlem, NYC, as well as a small list of other dope producers, including Arm of Factorymedia.  Combine that with the transparent Mixing/Mastering by Arm of Factorymedia and you have a MASTERPIECE.  Not one track on this project is a skipper.  You can play this EP from start to finish and just let the whole thing rock.  It has the Golden Era feel, but still FRESH with an up-to-date sound that is relevent to today and will be forever.  These boys really put together some timeless music here and any true Hiphop head will not wanna miss this.  Also, be sure to check out SteadyFam at  Check it out!